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Ljubljana Active Trips

Web page for adventure-seeking travelers

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3 (pure, Bootstrap), JavaScript (pure, jQuery), Ajax
Backend: PHP
Year: 2019

Foto šole

Photo ordering web portal for schools & Admin panel

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3 (pure, Bootstrap), JavaScript (pure, jQuery), Ajax
Backend: PHP, MySQL
Year: 2018

Studio Ventura

Photographer landing page

Wordpress CMS
Year: 2018


An online application for learning how to write - Web app for iPad

Frontend: HTML5 (canvas), CSS3, JavaScript (pure, howler)
Year: 2016

Tesarstvo Krnc

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3 (pure, Bootstrap), JavaScript (pure, jQuery), Ajax
Backend: PHP
Year: 2015

Maro bathroom

Admin panel & shopping cart

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3 (pure, Bootstrap), JavaScript (pure, jQuery), Ajax
Backend: PHP, MySQL
Year: 2014

Točeni parfumi

My first website on internet

Frontend: HTML, CSS
Backend: PHP
Year: 2010



iOS: Xcode 7.2, Swift 2.1
Backend: MySQL, Python, API (PHP, Json)
Year: 2016

Real Estate

Dragon Hack 2016

Frontend [iOS]: Matej Pečnik (Xcode 7.3.1, Swift 2.1)
Backend: Tomi Šebjanič
Machine Learning: Timotej Fartek, Mihec Podlesek

App was developed in 24 hours.
Year: 2016

My Pacient

iOS: Xcode 7.2, Swift 2.1
Android: Android Studio 1.4, Java, Gson
Backend: MySQL, API (PHP, Json)
Year: 2016


Larry Coryell:
War and peace,
the opera

Audio visualization

Programming language and IDE: Processing
Year: 2014


Automated heat pump control system

Master's thesis

Mentor: prof. dr. Marko Bajec

For centuries, people have been using different types of heating systems. Modern and user-friendly systems are regulated just by pressing a button and setting the right temperature. Our homes can be heated when we are away and often reach unpleasant temperatures. In our master thesis, we presented an upgrade of the existing heat pump system that tracks our movement even when we are away from home. It recognises when we will be away for a longer period of time, switches off our heating as needed, and sets the right temperature at the exact time of our return. That means we do not have to worry about manual controls. In addition, we are protecting the environment and saving energy. The heating system has been upgraded with an automatic system that is connected to a mobile device through GPS and enables machine learning based on past behaviour. Analyses showed that using the new heating system at average outdoor temperatures between 7 and 9 degrees Celsius can reduce energy consumption for more than 40 %.

Automated system to recommend recipes from websites

Bachelor thesis

Mentor: doc. dr. Aleš Smrdel

In our diploma thesis we present the development and functioning of automated system, which main task is to recommend the recipes on the basis of the products and ingredients, which we have in our pantry. For this purpose we developed the components of the server part as well as web and mobile application. One of the components is the search engine of the ingredients, which, by means of the tree of ingredients, for a specific input determines which is the ingredient. In order to obtain the data the system uses the scraper which acquires data from a web source and saves them in the database in a structured way. In addition to the scraper, the system also contains the search engine of the recipes and the search engine of the products within the bill. The first one is responsible for the display of all the recipes which can be made of the ingredients and products which we have. The other one determines all the products which we acquired by means of optical character recognition of the characters of the scanned bill. We also developed application programming interface through which the server part communicates with the clients. Web application enables different functionalities, such as: review of the products and ingredients of the pantry, review of the recipes, review of the favorite recipes. In addition, also enables adding the products and ingredients in different ways. Mobile application in addtion to all the functionalities enabled by web application, it also enables adding products by means of a bar code and by means of a bill. Both functionalities use the built-in camera of the mobile device.

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